Unleashing Healing with Ozone Therapy

IV Medical Ozone Therapy: A potent tool for restoration.

Dive into the revitalizing world of IV Medical Ozone Therapy, a service we proudly offer here in Ames, IA. This innovative treatment harnesses the power of ozone, a form of oxygen, to help your body heal and recover. It's a unique method that can boost your immune system, enhance circulation, and detoxify your body. Step into a healthier future with this safe, effective, and integrative approach to wellness.

IV Medical Ozone Therapy

IV (major autohemotherapy [MAH]) Ozone therapy has been used for 90 years to safely and effectively support healing and detoxification by stimulating oxygen metabolism, decreasing inflammation, increasing micro circulation, regulating the immune system, and eliminating viruses, fungi, bacteria, yeast, and protozoa. IV Ozone therapy is most commonly utilized for chronic conditions including auto-immune disorders, chronic pain, Lyme, EBV, chronic fatigue, and cancer support however, it is now commonly being used by professional and amateur athletes to boost their performance and overall wellness. Our IV Ozone treatment includes an additional therapy called UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation) which exposes the blood to broad spectrum light therapy adding energy to the red blood cells and causing a healing cascade to occur while the UVC light kills bacteria and viruses.

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