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Experiencing health concerns can feel overwhelming, but you're not alone. Our dedicated team of health professionals is here to help, offering a variety of treatments to optimize your wellness journey. With a focus on integrative medicine, we combine cutting-edge therapies with a holistic approach to address your unique health needs.


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Personalized IV Therapies

Specifically designed for your needs, our IV Therapies replenish your body at a cellular level.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

With our advanced diagnostic tools, we identify the root causes of your health concerns.

Innovative Bodywork

Our bodywork services help rejuvenate your body and improve overall wellness.

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At our clinic, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to help you achieve your health goals. Our experience and expertise in integrative medicine, coupled with our cutting-edge therapies like IV NAD+, PEMF, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, set us apart. Rest assured, our friendly, expert team led by Mary Lynn Papin, Nurse Practitioner, will guide you every step of the way to restoring your health and vitality.

Meet Mary Lynn Papin

An experienced Nurse Practitioner at HydraBoost IV Therapy & Wellness

Mary Lynn Papin is not just a Nurse Practitioner, she's a wellness advocate. At HydraBoost IV Therapy & Wellness, she passionately employs integrative methods to assist you in attaining your best health. Working alongside you, she aims to empower your health journey, emphasizing your body's natural healing abilities.


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