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Experience integrative health consultation with our experienced Nurse Practitioner.

Mary Lynn Papin, our trusted Nurse Practitioner, provides comprehensive health consultations that focus on healing and maintaining wellness. Our consultations involve a blend of modern science and traditional wisdom, tailored to your unique health profile. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge to achieve optimum health through lifestyle changes, preventive care, and appropriate medical treatments.

Consultation with Mary Lynn Papin, Nurse Practitioner

Please contact us to book this consultation at 515-523-4863 or email at This is a one-on-one appointment for you and I to review your health history, discuss your healthcare goals, review your diagnostics, develop your treatment plan, discuss components of your treatment plan, and evaluate your progress. These appointments are also available to you to schedule a consultation at any time that you have questions or something that you would like to discuss. Nurse Practitioner consultations are available to be scheduled in 20 minute increments for your convenience and with the flexibility to meet your needs.

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